How to enable ‘More Frequent Updates’ for Live Activities in iOS 16.2

Before the feature was made accessible in Settings, it was initially uncovered when the initial iOS 16.2 beta was made available.

How to enable ‘More Frequent Updates’ for Live Activities in iOS 16.2

With iOS 16.2, the ability to tailor Live Activities for "More Frequent Updates" will be available on the iPhone. Although the functionality is useful, you might not want to turn it on for all of the accessible apps; more will be said about this later. Here's how to make Live Activities on your iPhone update more frequently.

It was discovered for the first time when the original iOS 16.2 beta was made available, before the functionality was made available in Settings.

You may now locate the toggle to enable Live Activities "More Frequent Updates" on iPhone in the iOS 16.2 RC and public release, which are anticipated this week.

Apple explains it as follows: You may view more real-time information by allowing more frequent updates, but this can cause your battery to discharge more quickly.

How to enable Live Activities more frequent updates on iPhone

  1. Ensure that you are on iOS 16.2 (if you don't want to wait, grab the free beta).
  2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  3. Swipe down and choose an app with Live Activities support (using the TV app below)
  4. Choose Live Activities
  5. Tap the toggle next to More Frequent Updates
  6. You may want to be cautious with how many applications you switch it on for as using the function can cause your battery to deplete more quickly.

Here’s how it looks to find the feature for Apple’s TV app:

Although Apple's own TV app has the "More Frequent Updates" Live Activities option, I haven't yet noticed it on a third-party software. Over the next several weeks, developers should start releasing support for it.

It's interesting to note that the Apple TV app's More Frequent Updates feature is enabled by default in iOS 16.2 RC.

via: 9to5mac