How to Fix D3dx9_37.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

How to Fix D3dx9_37.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

Issues with D3dx9 37.dll are brought on by just one problem, a Microsoft DirectX issue of some description.

The DirectX software collection includes several more files like the d3dx9 37.dll file. Most Windows-based games and sophisticated graphics programs use DirectX, therefore issues relating to this DLL file typically appear solely while using these programs.

D3dx9 37.dll and other DirectX problems might impact any Microsoft operating system released after Windows 98. Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, etc. are included in this.

D3dx9_37.dll Errors

There are several ways for D3dx9 37.dll issues to appear on your computer. These are a few of the most typical error messages:

  • D3DX9_37.DLL Not Found
  • D3dx9_37.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this
  • File d3dx9_37.dll not found
  • The file d3dx9_37.dll is missing
  • D3DX9_37.DLL is missing. Replace D3DX9_37.DLL and try again

These error messages may appear in any DirectX-using software, although they are most frequently encountered in video games, particularly at the beginning of a game. Before using the software's sophisticated graphics features or during program startup, a d3dx9 37.dll problem may show up in non-game apps.

Ipanels, GRID, Utherverse, Call of Duty, and other popular apps and games have all been reported to cause one of these issues.

How to Fix D3dx9_37.dll Errors

Try the simplest options first by following these instructions in the order they are listed below.

Do not, under any circumstances, download d3dx9_37.dll individually from any DLL download site. There are several reasons why download DLLs like that is never a good idea. If you've already done so, remove it from wherever you put it and continue with the following steps.
  1. Restart your computer if you haven't yet done so. A quick restart could be all that's necessary to resolve the d3dx9 37.dll problem.
  2. Install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. A d3dx9 37.dll not found issue is frequently resolved by updating to the most recent version.
  3. If Microsoft's most recent DirectX version still doesn't resolve your d3dx9 37.dll issue, check for a DirectX installation tool on the game or application CD or DVD. Typically, software makers will provide a copy of DirectX on the installation disc if a game or other product makes use of it. Sometimes, although not frequently, the version on the disc works better with the application than the most recent version that is accessible online.
  4. Uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again. A reinstall can fix the issue if anything went wrong with the program's files that interface with d3dx9 37.dll.
  5. Restore the d3dx9_37.dll file from the latest DirectX package. If the above steps haven't worked to solve your error, try extracting the d3dx9_37.dll file individually from the DirectX package.
  6. Update the drivers for your video card. Although it's not the most popular fix, in certain cases upgrading the visual card drivers on your computer might resolve this DirectX problem.