How to Setup and Utilize Hive Social as Your Twitter Successor

Even though Elon Musk only acquired Twitter recently, there has already been more than enough drama and unrest there to drive users to search for alternatives.

How to Setup and Utilize Hive Social as Your Twitter Successor

Even though Elon Musk only acquired Twitter recently, there has already been more than enough drama and unrest there to drive users to search for alternatives. Mastodon and Cohost appeared to be the two most widely used alternatives to Twitter, but Hive Social, a (relatively) new choice, sprang out of nowhere.


WHAT YOU NEED - iPhone or Android smartphone - Hive App
DURATION 10 minutes

Hive Social: What is it? It resembles a combination of MySpace, Twitter, and Instagram. It has the simplicity of Twitter before it became complicated, emphasizes photographs a little more than Instagram did (or at least did so before adding video), and lets you add music to your profile. It's intriguing and obviously simpler to use than Mastodon.

Here's how to start using Hive Social if that sounds intriguing to you. Please be aware that Hive Social is only presently offered as an iOS and Android app. Neither a desktop application nor a website are currently available, but they may be in the future.

Hive Social is now maintained by just two people, and while existing since 2019, it has just recently become well-known due to the ongoing Twitter drama.

How to set up a Hive Social account

If you've already registered for any other social networking site, creating a Hive account is rather simple and fast. Though there is an Android app, take in mind that it is currently less stable than the iOS version. Additionally, if you are at the stage when you must establish a password and you follow all the instructions but are still unable to proceed, it's because the developers just neglected to include a specific character in the list of prerequisites as you type a password.

Step 1: Download the Hive Social app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2: Select Create an account.

Step 3: Choose Google, Apple, or Sign up with email as your method of registration. There will also be an option to sign up using a phone number if you decide against using an email address.

Step 4: As directed by the directions on the screen, enter your personal information. This contains birthday, display name, username, password, email, and phone number.

Step 5: Hive will ask you to choose at least three themes before you can begin, and these topics will determine what information appears under the Discover tab.

How to modify your Hive header and profile picture

By including an avatar and header image, you may make it easier for others to identify you when they come across your profile. However, as was already observed, the app's Android version is still rather glitchy. Existing images won't load, however taking fresh pictures appears to function. However, the developers claim that a patch should be available soon.

Step 1: Once you create your account, select your Profile tab in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Select Edit.

Step 3: To switch your avatar, tap the Circle. You have the option of selecting an image from your photo library or taking a fresh picture.

Step 4: Select Next, and then crop/resize the image to your liking.

Step 5: Select Done.

Step 6: Tap the Rectangle at the top to change your header image. Again, you can choose an existing image or snap a new one.

Step 7: Select Next, and then crop/resize the image as you’d like.

Step 8: Select Done.

How to search for other users on Hive

At the present, searching is a little cumbersome, but it still exists and is functional. Display names won't appear if you're looking for a specific person; you must know their precise username.

Step 1: Select the Discover tab from the bottom menu bar (it’s the one with the magnifying glass).

Step 2: Select the Magnifying glass in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Type in whatever you want to search for. Remember, if you’re looking for specific people, make sure to input their complete username.

How to turn off autoplay for music on Hive

Hive is configured by default to automatically play any song that is on a user's profile. The audio on your device will currently be taken over by this, which can be annoying.

Step 1: Go to the My music section from the previous section of this guide.

Step 2: Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. It looks like a machine gear.

Step 3: Turn the toggle for Autoplay to off.

How to change Hive's app theme color

Everybody has a different favorite color, and Hive enables you to display your preference.

Step 1: Go to your Profile page.

Step 2: Select the Settings button from the top-right corner. It looks like a gear.

Step 3: Select Color themes.

Step 4: Choose your preferred color from the range that is offered. The name of the color will appear at the top along with a sample of the app's appearance. Sadly, there isn't yet a color picker for custom colors.

Step 5: A toggle at the bottom allows you to see a glimpse of your device in the opposite mode from the one you are currently using if your device has a system-wide bright or dark mode.

Hive Social looks to be a respectable substitute for Twitter for those looking for one, and it is undoubtedly popular at the moment. Due to the lack of a website or desktop app, it is now only available on iOS and Android, with the latter being somewhat buggy.

However, Hive Social has a lot of potential, so give it a shot if you're looking for a Twitter competitor that's simpler to use than Mastodon.

Via: Digitaltrends