Kitty: The Purr-fect Terminal Emulator for Power Users

Kitty: The Purr-fect Terminal Emulator for Power Users

Kitty: The Purr-fect Terminal Emulator for Power Users

If you are looking for a fast, feature-rich, and GPU-based terminal emulator, you might want to give Kitty a try. Kitty is a cross-platform terminal emulator that runs on Linux and MacOS, and offers a lot of advantages over other terminal emulators. Here are some of the reasons why Kitty is the purr-fect choice for power users.

Speed and Performance

Kitty is designed to be fast and efficient, using the GPU for rendering and minimizing system load. It also uses threaded rendering to reduce latency and improve responsiveness. You can even tune the performance tradeoffs according to your preferences, such as choosing between smooth scrolling or lower memory usage.

Customization and Scripting

Kitty is highly customizable and scriptable, allowing you to tweak every aspect of its appearance and behavior. You can use a simple config file to change the fonts, colors, keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and more. You can also use Kitty's own plugin framework to extend its functionality with Python scripts. For example, you can create custom kittens that perform various tasks, such as opening URLs, diffing files, or running shells.

Tabbing and Multiplexing

Kitty supports tabbing and window multiplexing, letting you manage multiple terminals in a single window. You can create, close, move, resize, and rearrange tabs and windows with ease. You can also use layouts to organize your windows in different ways, such as stacking, tiling, or grid. You can even create custom layouts with Python scripts.

Graphics and Unicode Support

Kitty supports true color, ligature support, and graphics support, making it a visually appealing terminal emulator. You can display images and animations in the terminal, either inline or as overlays. You can also use Kitty's graphics protocol to draw graphics using any programming language. Moreover, Kitty supports Unicode characters and fonts, including emoji, nerd fonts, and complex scripts.

Innovation and Development

Kitty is an innovative terminal emulator that introduces new features and improvements regularly. Some of the recent additions include focus tracking, image placement using Unicode placeholders, xterm terminfo entries for focus in/out events, and more. Kitty is also actively developed and maintained by its creator Kovid Goyal¹ and a community of contributors². You can follow the development on GitHub¹ or check out the changelog³ for the latest updates.


Kitty is a terminal emulator that offers a lot of benefits for power users who want a fast, feature-rich, GPU-based terminal experience. It is customizable, scriptable, composable, cross-platform, and innovative. If you are interested in trying out Kitty, you can download it from its official website or install it from your package manager. You can also watch this YouTube video by DistroTube for a quick overview of Kitty's features.

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