LastPass Users Outraged by Login Issues Caused by MFA Reset

LastPass Users Outraged by Login Issues Caused by MFA Reset

LastPass, a popular password manager service, has been facing a backlash from its users who have been experiencing login issues since early May. The problem started when LastPass prompted its users to reset their multifactor authentication (MFA) applications, such as LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Google Authenticator, due to planned security upgrades¹.

However, many users reported that they were unable to access their LastPass vaults even after resetting their MFA applications. Some users said that they were stuck in an infinite loop of being asked to reset their MFA authenticator every time they tried to log in¹. Others said that they could not log in because LastPass did not recognize the new MFA codes².

To make matters worse, affected users could not get any help from LastPass support, since contacting them required logging into their accounts, which they could not do because of the MFA issue¹. Some users expressed their frustration and anger on social media and online forums, calling LastPass a "shitshow" and a "nightmare" ³.

LastPass explained that the reason for the MFA reset was to increase the security of the master passwords by using a stronger version of Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF). The company also advised users to log in to the LastPass website in their browser and re-enroll their MFA application before accessing LastPass on their mobile devices or browser extensions¹.

However, some users said that this solution did not work for them, and they were still locked out of their accounts. Some users also complained that they did not receive any notification or warning from LastPass about the MFA reset before it happened¹.

LastPass has not yet provided an update on the status of the issue or an estimated time for resolution. The company has also not responded to requests for comment from various media outlets¹².

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