Launch of Brave Browser 1.46 with updates to Brave News

On December 1, 2022, Brave Software published Brave 1.46, a new iteration of their desktop browser. The Brave browser has undergone a lot of updates, many of which enhance Brave News.

Launch of Brave Browser 1.46 with updates to Brave News

Brave 1.46 is already out, and most desktop computers should immediately upgrade to it. By visiting brave:/settings/help or by choosing Menu > Help > About Brave, users of the browser may check the version they are using.

When a page is accessed, the browser does an update scan and downloads and installs any new updates that are discovered.

Brave News improvements

The updates to the news section are referred to as Brave News 2.0 by Brave Software. The business outlined the primary upgrades in a blog post on the company website.

In addition to being accessible in a number of locations, such as Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and the UK, Brave News may now offer the user personalized recommendations. According to Brave, the algorithm executes locally on the device and no data ever leaves the browser.

The surfing history is used by Brave News to customize the content. These suggestions are based on the websites that users have visited and the websites they already follow. New users of Brave News have the ability to disable the feature's automatic "top content" following by utilizing the personalize feature.

According on your surfing behavior and the sites you already Follow, Brave News prioritizes the material you follow in your feed and assists you in finding new sources to follow. When sources are similar to one another, Brave finds them and makes private suggestions in Settings. You may opt to follow these ideas and add them to your feed.

Improved source management and a new follow button that makes it simpler for users to subscribe to channels are two other new news-related improvements. Later this month, this follow button will be made available. It is shown on websites that offer an RSS feed to make it simpler for users to subscribe to Brave News.

New content channels were introduced by Brave to the browser, including a gaming channel that compiles news about games from various sources. It should be noted that advertisements could show in the news stream and that there doesn't seem to be a way to turn them off.

Although Brave News does support RSS, it is currently not a viable option for RSS news readers. The browser lacks a variety of display settings, import and export capabilities, support for folders, and many other features that are supported by the majority of RSS readers, such as QuiteRSS or RSS Guard.

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