The best online form builder apps in 2023

The best Google Forms alternatives that will get the job done.

The best online form builder apps in 2023

Gathering email addresses or client comments may be the first applications of forms that jump to mind. Although they are good uses for forms, you can also use them to assist consumers submit support issues, register for events, or even let staff members seek new hardware for their divisions.

You can develop the forms you need to handle all of these use cases and more with the aid of an outstanding form builder while maintaining the integrity of your brand, tracking submissions, and learning how to enhance data collecting as you go.

It might be confusing to know where to begin with the vast selection of online form builders available. So I started for you: I looked at over 100 form builders and put many of them through extensive testing. Here are the top nine tools for creating web forms, according to all the study and testing.

The top 9 tools for building forms

What features define the top form-building software?

With a variety of question kinds and input fields that enable you to collect any type of information you require, form applications help you create a form that you can share with others. These systems will at the very least let you to organize all of your inquiries, send them out swiftly, and get a straightforward list of answers. To provide you additional control and insight into each submission, more sophisticated form software adds analytics tools, form access limits, and robust reporting.

  • Ease of use. The finest form builder applications should be simple to use and understand without requiring you to read the full help section.
  • Design and customization. Your forms app should provide you the means to achieve this, whether you're seeking for consistent branding across platforms or a more inventive way to encourage interaction.
  • Ease of distribution. Can you easily distribute your form with a few clicks? Is it possible to share your form with other platforms through integration options?
  • Powerful analytics tools. Here, I was examining the reports' caliber and diversity as well as analytics (the metadata created for your forms) (for the content your respondents enter on the form).
  • Extra features. Anything that enhances the user experience, provides more opportunities for automation and integration, or increases your understanding of the data collection process is something I valued.

The best free online form builder for easily producing effective forms

Google Forms (Web)

Google does it once more. Google Forms is the best option if you need to create a functional form quickly and want it done within an hour.

In Google Forms, creating a form is simple and straightforward. You can concentrate on your queries since there isn't a lot of stuff going on. By detecting the type of question as you enter, Google Forms can save you valuable time compared to selecting it from a drop-down option. Even if you've never built a form before, the finished product will look excellent and you won't have to spend all afternoon clicking.

Although Google Forms doesn't have as many templates as some of the other tools on this list, it still provides the essentials for creating forms. With a few easy options, you can change the typefaces and color scheme as well as add a header picture. This simplicity aids in time savings and helps you keep on task, but it stops you from coming up with anything original if that's what you're after.

Simply click the Send button after you're finished and select whether you want to share the link to the form or the complete form itself in an email, copy the URL to distribute it manually, or embed the form as HTML on your website. You may view the replies as they come in either individually or as a list of aggregated data, along with a selection of charts relevant to the question type. If you're an expert with spreadsheets, you may upload this data to Google Sheets and search for more intricate relationships there.

You may collaborate with people on your form, pre-fill a form to save your responders some time, and explore a selection of add-ons on the Google Workspace Marketplace in addition to that Sheets connectivity. Bonus: If your respondents utilize Google, their work on any given form will be kept for a month, allowing them to leave it and return to it later.

Google Forms price: 100% free

The best free online form builder for Excel form results analysis

Microsoft Forms (Web)

True, Microsoft Forms isn't as well-known as many other Microsoft applications. However, this free online form maker is simple to use and integrates nicely with Excel. It emphasizes getting a quality form in the hands of your audience as soon as feasible, much like Google Forms.

If you've used Microsoft programs for a while, it feels very much like a Microsoft product, so you'll immediately understand how to navigate. It's simple to add your questions, and using a WYSIWYG editor, you can change any of their parameters by hovering over the relevant button and clicking it. You may configure these input validation parameters on each question if some of your replies call for certain inputs—for instance, only allowing those over 65 to submit the form.

In keeping with the Google Forms vs. Microsoft Forms comparison, Microsoft Forms does not provide a lot of branding customization options, but it is enough for getting things done quickly. There are six design templates available, each with a background picture and color palette. If you don't like these six, click the browser's refresh button, and six more will appear. If you're having trouble with the refresh roulette, you may choose a color scheme and a plain static picture.

Simple methods for sharing your form include email (which launches the system mail program), HTML on your website, and QR codes. Sending takes two clicks, and setting up form controls like the start and finish dates takes a few more.

Depending on the kind of question, you may view all the answers in a list or chart as well as individually for each respondent. And as I've already indicated, one benefit of using Microsoft Forms is that you can quickly submit this data to Excel and use your analytical talents to put the pieces together from there.

You may access Microsoft Forms for free, but you must first log in to your free Microsoft account. In the event that you aren't already logged in, it can request that you sign up for a Microsoft 365 plan.

Microsoft Forms price: 100% free

Best form builder online to use when beginning with a template

Jotform (Web, iOS, Android)

Do you experience writer's block? Fear the empty (form) page? Users of Jotform don't. With a vast collection of form templates at your disposal, you can choose from among hundreds of templates for everything from widely used use cases to untapped markets.

As an app tester, I find it incredibly amazing that the UI stands out with brilliant colors and fun animations while yet remaining quick and responsive. While Jotform has a ton of features, they are all really well structured and never overwhelm you.

The graphic editor allows you to alter practically every aspect of your form's design. If it still falls short of expectations, an advanced editor is available to dig even farther. Still not content? Click the CSS editor and start coding away. In terms of design features, it's one of the list's most adaptable apps.

Jotform provides all the same options for sharing your form as the competition, in addition to some that are exclusive, such as sharing as a fillable PDF, embedding an interactive feedback button on your website, and downloading the complete source code if you want to have your developers add a few extra features to it.

Jotform creates a nice PowerPoint-like presentation with charts and insights that is ready to share with your team or present at a conference, allowing you to view replies as a list (you may click on the individual responses to see more).

Additional features include the ability to add widgets to your forms (such as integrating Instagram posts or collecting signatures using Adobe Sign) and the ability to turn your forms into apps that responders can download and save to their phones.

Jotform price: Free plan available; paid plans start at $34/month

The best form builder for regulated businesses and cutting-edge analytics

Formstack (Web, iOS, Android)

Formstack will assist you in collecting data while maintaining compliance if you operate in a sector that must adhere to stringent protocols and strict data-handling standards, including anything from GDPR to HIPAA.

All of the functions you'll use frequently are conveniently located where you'd expect them to be, but some of the more complicated capabilities are only available through settings menus. You'll receive a helpful onboarding lesson that explains what occurs on each new page or section you visit.

Instead of starting from scratch, you may choose one of the 42 form templates and then pick one of the 13 design themes to make it visually appealing. If you don't like the combination, you may completely alter the form's design elements using a visual editor or CSS. Sharing is quick once you're ready to send it out. You can acquire a link or QR code, use a WordPress shortcode, share on Facebook, or embed it with JavaScript on your website; all you need to do is copy and paste the script.

You may set up charts to view the data graphically in addition to a list of replies and the option to go at each contribution individually. Along with the IP addresses, operating systems, and browsers that people used to access the form, the analytics even allow you to see where responders were located on a map when they answered. The conversion rate—the ratio of people who completed the form to those who viewed it—is another statistic you'll receive.

Additionally, Formstack provides a few intriguing features. The first is an add-on called Conversion Kit, which enables you to integrate analytics tools like Google Analytics and do A/B tests with your forms. I really loved that Formstack informs you whether your form can be read by accessibility tools (Section 508 Compliance standards). Since so many people use assistive technology, you may be able to connect with those who were previously shut out of rich online experiences.

Formstack price: Plans start at $50/month; HIPAA compliance only on Enterprise plans

The best form software for conversational forms

Typeform (Web)

Typeform is synonymous with conversational forms: forms that show questions card by card, one at a time. Because of how well-designed and strong the user interface is, form respondents may forego using a mouse and instead react to forms using only their keyboards.

Equally stylish, clean, and user-friendly is the interface for creating forms. It's nearly difficult to create a form that doesn't look fantastic because there are so many visual aids and tooltips to help you as you design. The fundamental layout is attractive, with lots of room and rounded edges. Starting with 100 form templates, you may customize them using 54 design themes. Additionally, you can change the question card layouts, fonts, icons, and alignments to alter the design.

When your form is finished, you can embed it on your website with four different layout options, distribute it by email, social media, or QR code. This sharing tool's special ability to embed as a chat window promotes the conversational use case further. Although setting up and testing these types of embeds takes a little more effort, the enhanced user experience you'll give your audience makes it worthwhile.

When there are a lot of replies, you may see them as the standard submissions list, examine charts based on the kind of the question, and create detailed reports that you can link to. One special feature is the ability to tag contributions, allowing you to categorize them according to your own interests. You can also attach tasks if a response requires you to take action. Other metrics include conversion rate, time to finish, and the areas of the form where customers typically quit up.

The option to upload your brand kit to the site is one of Typeform's many beneficial extras that reflects its emphasis on aesthetics. Whatever platform you use to share them, your forms will remain uniform.

Typeform price: Free plan available; paid plans start at $29/month

The best tool for making order forms

Paperform (Web)

Another form-filled software that requires a lot of speed is Paperform. The user interface is neat and sophisticated, and clicking on form components is responsive and enjoyable.

But what Paperform offers to give goes well beyond just the thrill of clicking. Its ability to let you build and handle order-taking and sales-related forms is appealing. Add a Products section when creating a form, then enter the items you're selling. Additionally, you may enter the name, SKU, picture, price, minimum and maximum numbers, and the total amount of stock on hand. Even better, you may import your product list as a CSV file to save time.

If, for example, you wish to add an additional to each sale to defray the expenses of the payment platform, there is coupon support and custom pricing rules available. To assist you in handling such transactions, Paperform interfaces with Stripe, Braintree, PayPal Business, and Square.

A new form can be created similarly to a document. The input fields are added after blocks with headers, pictures, or descriptions. You can see precisely what the finished product will look like as you develop it. Simply hover over a block and click the cog to alter the parameters.

Although there are 400 form templates to choose from, the design options are more limited. Paperform adopts a "I'm feeling lucky" strategy rather than using design templates. When you click the "I'm feeling lucky" button, a random form style and color scheme are shown. Even if the chances are not in your favor, you may still make pleasant changes to aspects like typefaces, colors, and pagination style.

With frequent sharing through link, QR code, Facebook or Twitter, or via embedding on your website with four styles, sharing your form with others is quick and easy. And you may decide what occurs once your responders submit the form. e-mail someone? go to a different page? Start a webhook? whatever you choose.

In order to assist you grow your sales based on that data, Paperform connects with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel in addition to offering the fundamental reporting options and analytics.

Paperform price: Plans start at $24/month

The best form builder for teams and approval processes online

Zoho Forms (Web, iOS, Android)

Because Zoho Forms is a component of the Zoho software package, it has organizational thinking capabilities. The software allows you to rapidly share forms with your coworkers or other stakeholders while keeping track of submissions and requests in one location.

If you work for a large organization, you are aware that some requests could require the approval of several persons. Zoho Forms is aware of this. It enables you to design request escalation rules, or approval pipelines. Imagine you had a form for requesting assets, similar to the one in the screenshot above. You can initially send the request form through the direct supervisor if more than one manager will be making the final decision. If that management gives their approval, it moves on to the following manager up the chain of command, and so on, until approved or rejected.

Choose from 65 different form templates. There are 41 themes to make it appear excellent after you modify the questions to suit your needs (and on brand). Additionally, Zoho Forms has a dedicated form visual designer where you can modify just about any aspect of your form's style. On this list, Zoho Forms also offers the most choices for sharing. In addition to the standard sharing options (link, QR code, and social media), you can also embed it in WordPress, send it via Mailchimp or Zoho Campaign, or display it as a pop-up on your website.

A list of results is available in the reports area, and you can create your own reports by setting question/answer filters and choosing which questions to display or hide. You may trace source traffic in addition to IPs and geolocation using UTM, URL parameters, and Google Analytics.

Zoho Forms price: Free plan available; paid plans start at $12/month

Best form app for robust reporting

QuestionScout (Web)

You are supported by QuestionScout from the moment you create your first question until you deliver it. Numerous tutorials on the app provide clear explanations of everything in manageable chunks. By personalizing tooltips and error messages, you can provide the same type of assistance to form responses that is never wordy, tedious, or overwhelming.

The reports area was the part of this service that I appreciated the best, though. Keep in mind that all form-building tools offer a submissions list. Similar to how you would with a database software like Airtable or Notion, you can build up your own filters and generate various views of your data here using list or chart views. You can always see that perspective with a button click since these views are preserved.

One step further, cross-tab reports may be made. In other words, you can observe how the responses to two separate questions relate to one another. Let's imagine you're conducting an employee feedback survey and you want to determine the relationships between the following responses:

  1. How long have you been employed by our business?
  2. How significant do you think your job is? Rank between 1 and 5.

With the help of a cross-tab report, you may determine if long-term workers believe their work to be more fulfilling or whether your business has an effective onboarding procedure that helps new hires feel valued. Although setting up and evaluating these perspectives takes time and some statistical knowledge, QuestionScout makes it feasible to do so without transferring the data to another program.

Starting with 48 form templates and 42 design themes, you may modify them totally or leave them as-is using the visual editor's full customization capabilities. Sharing can be done through link, QR code, email, or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These choices are standard. To allow purchasing on your forms, QuestionScout enables you integrate analytics tools and payment providers.

QuestionScout price: Plans start at $5/month

The best form app for safeguarding delicate data

Formsite (Web)

Formsite is a strong platform with a user-friendly layout. The main benefit is that certain input fields' data can be encrypted. This implies that anyone without authorization will be unable to see the information of that field since it has been jumbled. Here, security is of utmost importance; in fact, Formsite has included a brief FAQ section regarding secure form submissions.

The platform is simple to use and maintains a lot of white space between menu items. Starting from 297 form templates, you may create a new form and customize it using 10 input field types and 15 color schemes. With a visual editor or by delving further into CSS, you may completely alter the appearance and feel of your forms. With links (both standard and pre-populated), HTML embeds, QR codes, and WordPress shortcodes, the sharing possibilities are strong.

Regarding reports and analytics, Formsite offers a variety of statistics that display data like IP, browser, device, results per day, and average length per day. It also allows you to set up filters for the list of submissions and produce reports (including cross-tab analyses). Additionally, it includes a ton of extra features, like reCAPTCHA, support for order forms, connectivity with payment providers, and the finest input validation capabilities of any software on our list.

Formsite price: Plans start at $24.95/month

What's the best form software?

You shouldn't need to pair any of these choices with another platform in order to complete your tasks because they should all be able to assist you in a variety of use scenarios. Pick a couple that stick out to you after reading my descriptions, then try them out. You may determine which form app best suits you without having to go through any lengthy onboarding procedures or demos.

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