Use This NEW YouTube Feature To Go VIRAL on YouTube Shorts (FOR SMALL CHANNELS)

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Use This NEW YouTube Feature To Go VIRAL on YouTube Shorts (FOR SMALL CHANNELS)

YouTube has recently introduced three major updates to its platform, revolutionizing the growth potential for small channels. If you're eager to make waves on YouTube, especially through YouTube Shorts, implementing these three new features could be the key to your success. In fact, many creators have experienced remarkable subscriber growth, with some gaining over 30,000 or even 80,000 subscribers simply by leveraging these features. You too can achieve similar results by implementing the following strategies.

1. Harness the Power of Remix: YouTube's New Feature

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The Remix feature on YouTube has undergone significant enhancements. Now, when you click on Remix, you'll be presented with two options: green screen and stitch. These options allow you to use someone else's video as a green screen backdrop or as an intro to your own video. This feature is invaluable because it enables you to leverage popular content and captivating hooks, which are essential for YouTube Shorts. However, it's crucial to use this feature wisely, focusing on the right videos to maximize its impact.

2. Live Streams: A Shortcut to Monetization

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For creators aiming to monetize their YouTube channels without investing extensive time and money in editing, live streams are the way to go. By hosting shorter live streams and repurposing them into real videos, you can benefit from the initial boost that live streams receive. Choose compelling titles and thumbnails that are search-friendly to attract a significant viewership even after the live stream ends. This strategy streamlines the content creation process, expediting your path to monetization and accelerating your progress towards achieving your goals.

3. YouTube Shorts: The Gateway to External Search Traffic

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An exciting development is that YouTube Shorts videos now rank as search terms on Google. This presents a tremendous opportunity for creators to tap into external traffic sources, expanding their viewership beyond YouTube itself. Ranking for search terms on YouTube has always been advantageous, but now, with the additional exposure on Google, your content can reach even more viewers. Leveraging this potential requires staying on top of trending topics, understanding your niche's interests, and creating compelling titles and thumbnails. Shorts are displayed differently than long-form videos, with multiple videos shown at once, giving you a chance to attract more views and capitalize on the surge in organic reach.

Take Action and Maximize Your YouTube Success

To make the most of these opportunities, it's crucial to align your content strategy accordingly. When using Remix, select viral videos with engaging hooks that resonate with your target audience. React, agree, or disagree with the content to maximize its impact. With live streams, prioritize search-friendly titles and thumbnails, teasing the live stream in your YouTube Shorts and leveraging your subscriber base and community page to attract viewers. Lastly, optimize your content for search by identifying trending topics, understanding your niche, and crafting attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails.

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Seize the Opportunity, Achieve Your Goals

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