What to expect at CES 2023

What to expect at CES 2023

As the largest consumer electronics show in the world, CES 2023 promises to be a showcase of the latest and greatest in technology. From cutting-edge smartphones and laptops to groundbreaking home appliances and autonomous vehicles, CES always delivers on its promise of providing a glimpse into the future of consumer technology. With so many exciting innovations on the horizon, it's no wonder that CES 2023 is generating so much buzz. Here's what we expect to see at this year's show.


ZenBook 17 Fold OLED

New laptop models for this year are anticipated to include the most recent AMD, Intel, and Nvidia technology. While Intel is set to unveil mobile versions of 13th Generation laptop CPUs with a hybrid design that incorporates full-power Performance cores and lower-power Efficient cores, AMD has already hinted at its next-generation Ryzen laptop CPUs. Mobile versions on both the AMD and Intel sides of the aisle are inevitable since desktop versions of these CPUs go on sale in the second half of 2022. These "Raptor Lake" laptop-class CPUs from Intel should be accessible in the U, P, In 2023, the H and HX series will be released. For AMD, the future is less certain, although the "Phoenix" and "Dragon Range" Ryzen 7000 mobile CPUs will be released and will use a new naming convention. CES may serve as a suitable launching platform for both.

When that occurs (at CES or not), we anticipate that a variety of laptops, from svelte ultraportables to robust gaming notebooks, will hit the market in the following months, with advantages like speedier performance and better battery life. We anticipate that some of these new systems will be unveiled by prominent manufacturers during CES, even though these launches may take weeks or months to complete.

Nvidia is expected to make a "special speech" during the event, which raises the possibility that new GPU technology may also be available for laptops this year. Although no information has been released, it did utilize CES 2018 to introduce laptop versions of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti. There may be new mobile GPU announcements that will most likely be seen in any new laptops that come out of the expo. However, considering that only the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 desktop cards have been released thus far, it will be fascinating to see whether and how the mobile versions of these perform given the desktop chips' significant power requirements.

The size and speed of screens might also increase this year. The 18-inch gaming laptop that Alienware is preparing will probably have a better image quality thanks to improvements like 4K resolution and fast refresh rates for gaming. Even while we've heard preliminary reports of a 600Hz laptop display, we don't believe something quite so intense will be available in laptops this year.

As demonstrated by the Asus ZenBook 17 Fold OLED, display improvements from the previous year even modified laptop designs to support folding panels. However, there weren't a ton of other folding designs in 2022, so we have to wonder if they'll catch on at CES 2023 or simply end up being a passing trend.

Finally, CES is renowned for being a platform for showcasing some of the most eccentric designs and features in laptops, but this year's CES may be dialing down on that as firms compete for higher-profile coverage and a greater wow factor to generate enthusiasm for the next year. Flashy CES announcements may be losing their luster for laptop makers as manufacturers adjust to new economic realities and shifting consumer preferences.

PC Components

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT

The last quarter of 2022 was one of the busiest periods for PC component sales in recent memory. Along with the introduction of new motherboards and chipsets to support both product lines, AMD's "Zen 4"-based Ryzen 7000-series CPUs and Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake Core processors, as well as new graphics cards, were also introduced.

With the Alchemist-based Arc A770 (and a less powerful A750), Intel made its first substantial foray into the graphics card industry. Nvidia subsequently retaliated with its incredibly potent GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards. Naturally, AMD couldn't sit around and do nothing, so right before the holidays, it unveiled its flagship Radeon RX 7900 XTX and Radeon RX 7900 XT GPUs.

With the exception of Intel's Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards, all of the brand-new parts that AMD, Intel, and Nvidia have so far introduced are state-of-the-art devices that push the boundaries of what we can expect from (and pay for) contemporary PC components. Although the past several months have been fantastic, we haven't yet seen anything that we could even reasonably consider "affordable" class (other than the Arc A770). The AMD Ryzen 5 7600X, which costs $299, is the cheapest of these new CPUs, while the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT, which costs $899, is the cheapest of these new GPUs.

It won't be long until AMD, Intel, and Nvidia release lower-end, more affordable chips given that all of the parts we've seen so far have been high-end ones. For instance, we haven't yet seen any desktop CPUs from Intel's Raptor Lake range that aren't in the "K" series, but AMD and Intel will soon realize they also produce Ryzen 3 and Core i3 processors. (Or, at least, that is what we hope.)

Similar circumstances exist in the GPU industry, where AMD and Nvidia are well aware that the majority of people won't spend more than $1,000 (or more) on a new graphics card. Keep an eye out at CES if you've been waiting for components like these to release. You could come across something from one of these businesses, if not all of them.

Monitors and Display Technology

Dell UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Hub Monitor

The advancement of video-conferencing technology into screens, too, in teleconferencing monitors like the HP E27m G4 and Philips 329P1H, has been one of the pandemic's few bright spots. Due to their strong speakers, multiple microphones, and high-resolution cameras, they offer a superior audiovisual experience than normal laptops. At CES and beyond, teleconferencing monitor advancements are expected to continue.

We anticipate the option for better-than-4K native resolutions to start appearing in professional monitors and the like. Higher resolutions than 4K have existed for some time, but those higher resolutions may become more prevalent. Both LG and Dough have introduced 1440p OLEDs for the gaming market, which on paper seem perfect for players who prioritize performance over raw resolution. Given how costly GPUs have been and will continue to be, using lower-resolution OLEDs is a surefire method to achieve a better image with mid-range and lower-end hardware.

PC Storage

The major number in the PC storage sector at CES 2023 will probably be "5" rather not 5G, which has been dominating the IT world for the past several years, but 5.0, more precisely PCI Express 5.0. The first wave of consumer PCI Express 5.0-capable SSDs is anticipated to launch in 2023 as both main PC CPU manufacturers, AMD and Intel, have current-generation desktop platforms that support PCI Express 5.0 (Ryzen 7000 and 13th Generation Raptor Lake, respectively). What better place to display the cutting edge than CES?

However, regular users already have access to a substantial amount of storage through PCI Express 4.0. Furthermore, PCI Express 3.0, which has a lower ceiling than 4.0, continues to rule in older systems that can update their storage. So why all the fuss around 5.0?

Actually, the main factor is speed in general. It can transport data up to 13,000 MB per second, which is twice as fast as PCI Express 4.0 drives can. Another wrinkle: With those rapid speeds, drive manufacturers may be able to reduce the number of PCI Express lanes needed by their drives while still achieving speeds close to 4.0. (which is to say, still very, very fast).

Storage manufacturers Apacer, Corsair, and Gigabyte/Aorus have previously hinted at the arrival of SSDs that can support 5.0 in 2022. In Las Vegas, we anticipate seeing a lot more of them as SSD storage kicks into overdrive once more.


In conclusion, CES 2023 is shaping up to be a truly exciting event for anyone interested in the latest and greatest in consumer technology. From innovative smartphones and laptops to revolutionary home appliances and autonomous vehicles, this year's show is sure to have something for everyone. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a consumer looking for the next big thing, or a business professional looking for new opportunities, CES 2023 is the place to be. We can't wait to see what this year's show has in store, and we hope to see you there!

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